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We don't just tow cars!

24/7 State Wide Towing

Calder Tilt Tray Service offers clientele the opportunity to book tows any time, any day including public holidays and the Christmas period. Rest assured, if you have a break down and give Calder Tilt Tray Service a call, everything will be taken care of that same day!


One of our speciality services at Calder Tilt Tray Service is the ability to undertake small and large scale recovery operations. Due to the fact that our drivers have years of experience in this area, there is never a recovery that is considered impossible. 

The picture below shows a recovery operation that took place in Flowerdale, just north of Kinglake. The car was barely visable from the road and hidden behind trees. Two drivers were used and after meticulous movements were able to recover the car without any further damage.


Aswell as a full recovery service Calder Tilt Tray Service can also offer salvage operations. Generally this service is offered where vehicles are immovable and further damage to the car during its movement is inevitable. The picture to the left shows a burnt out Subaru being dragged up an embankment where it can then be loaded onto the tilt tray. During these operations heavy duty chains are used to position the vehicle and is the only time that this method is used when moving or transporting a vehicle.

Interstate Towing

Upon request Calder Tilt Tray Service can organise interstate towing and quite often are requested to move vehicles to and from Sydney and Adelaide. Please visit our contact page to recieve a no obligation quote on any interstate towing requirements.

Specialised Towing

Calder Tilt Tray Service does not only tow cars! Calder also has the ability to basically tow anything that rolls! Planes, Trucks, Farm Machinery, Forklifts, Trailers, Caravans and Large Boats are just to name a few. The plane on the left was picked up from a private hangar and taken into town for some specialised mechanic works. 

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